First and Last

I thought last Christmas break I would make a quilt.  I love them especially when they’re handmade.  They remind me of grandparents and sleepovers.  When I wrap up in a quilt I feel not only warm, but I get a fuzzy full of memories kind of feeling.  I also have a dresser overflowing with fabric and mostly scraps at that.  Put the two together and the idea of a scrap quilt comes to life.  In my naive mind I thought I could whip it together before Christmas break wrapped up.  Au contraire mon ami!  So I lovingly wrapped up my scraps in the quilt I used as a template.

Then I went back to school, and the potential quilt sat in a chair unharmed. Or so I thought.  My sister’s friend accidentally flung all of the scraps on the floor when she wanted to sit in the chair.  I learned this when I came back for summer break and saw the scraps stacked on top of the smushed up quilt.  So I had to reposition based on the photos I took.  Well,  it didn’t quite end up like that, but it morphed into a better pattern (if you could call what I did a pattern).  I have been using  this wonderful tutorial on Flickr for binding my quilt with mitered corners.

Throughout the project my relationship with the quilt has transformed from and excited new friendship, to a hatred of its unwieldiness while it scoots across my sewing machine.  Ever having to bind something this big again could quite possibly result in my loss of sanity.  The bugger likes to run away from my 1/4 inch seam fairly regularly!

And tada! My finished quilt.

Oh and there is a pocket (one of three) in the perfect position to hold a remote, cell phone, granola bar, ect.

While I believe that our relationship progressed back to friendship and could eventually grow to love (it all hinges on how well it will withstand the wash and dry cycle), I don’t think I’ll be quilting anytime soon.  Then again my sister asked for one for Christmas in a black and white pattern, so … I could be wrong.  It is pretty cute if I do say so myself

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3 Comments to “First and Last”

  1. It turned out great! Totally worth it!

    Now if I only finish mine…Haha. Hopefully soon.
    Now what will we do on crafty Thursdays? Next is Caroline’s turn for a project. She’s been LAZY.

    Love you, girl. Great site. Keep it up!

  2. You did a beautiful job! I have done a lot of sewing in my time and never tackled a quilt like that one. Your color choices were spot-on. That “eye-for-color” thing must run in the family. Your sister has it too. I’m jealous!

  3. Thanks everyone! Jessica: Maddy has decided to become and interior designer so the eye for color will work out well! Katie: Aprons of course!

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