Knitting+Yoga=A Birthday Present

I picked up my first set of needles the summer before I started the eighth grade.  I sat, incredibly bored, in front of the computer, and through some links landed on Seventeen Magazine’s DIY page.  From there, I clicked to the Yarn Council of America’s Learn to Knit page.  I then asked my grandmother to take me to Wal-Mart for cheap acrylic blue yarn and a pair of shiny, blue, aluminum N0. 8 knitting needles.  That day started a love affair that progressed to Christmas presents of scarves, hats, mittens, and one pair of socks.  It also produced five sweaters for Guideposts Knit for Kids (which I highly recommend you look into!) and a knitting club at my high school.

Throughout this time, I also bought a collection of Vogue Knitting and Knit.1 magazines.  I post-it noted (can I use that as a verb?) practically every pattern in the hopes that I would have an entire wardrobe of knits and numerous pieces for my friends and family. Then I looked at the yarn I had in my possession.  It was mostly baby colored acrylics with some fun fur mixed in there for good measure I bought at a yard sale and a few random skeins I picked up from sale aisles.  I thought, I  must use this before I can begin a true project from the hallowed pages of Vogue.  Well six years later I still have not managed to reduce my stash, but I decided I will finally use a pattern from Knit.1*.

I originally thought I would knit this yoga mat bag for myself.  Which would be a first because only once have I completed an object for myself.  Then one of my best friends, mentioned here, told me how much she likes yoga and wants to take classes once we go back to school in the fall. So obviously she needs a sweet yoga mat bag and mat.  In coordinating colors of course!  Thus, this project became hers. I enjoyed knitting the piece which means I will most likely duplicate it in colors that match my mat! So I hope she enjoys her birthday present that will arrive almost a month late.  It’s the thought that counts right?

* The pattern is #24 Yoga Bag from the Spring 2007 issue of Knit.1 Magazine

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4 Comments to “Knitting+Yoga=A Birthday Present”

  1. LOL, the bag/mat/gift looks great! I have to believe that the stash has increased by a few more balls of blues and greens though. Oh, wait, I can’t tease anyone else about their yarn stash when my own is so out of control! Happy knitting, and remember, you can always just put your non-keeper yarn in a yard sale!

  2. Thank you! And you’re completely right, the stash grew out of control. It’s hard to fight the “but this could be so pretty in ___” or “but it’s so soft!” impulse when buying yarn.

  3. Gotta love the image of you whimpering over the clearance yarn. :)

  4. Hey, you’ve seen it in action and how bad it can get!

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