Project Housewarming Gifts

In May when I thought I would finish my quilt before June started, I decided I would make aprons as housewarming gifts for the people I know who are moving off campus.  Well I have more friends than I thought I did.  After I finally made the list (at the beginning of July), I had 30 aprons to make. 30! What was I thinking?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I was thinking, “Isn’t it a shame that people don’t really bring hostess gifts anymore or have housewarming parties?”  I then decided that I will bring back all of those lovely traditions that make my life feel a little more Martha Stewarty.  Gracious living as my aunt calls it.  So why not make 30 aprons? I can make one a day and finish in time, right? Wrong. I sure hope these imaginary housewarming parties that my friends should throw will not be happening the first two weeks I get back.  It is now July 14, and I have only made three aprons.  I might be burning the midnight oil a bit in the coming weeks!

I will keep everyone updated on the progress made on this crazy project, and I’ll post tutorials or links to ones that I used if you too decide to make a myriad of aprons!  To begin this journey, I started making lattice aprons from strips of fabric I found in the bottom of my scrap pile.  (Every time I think I shrink it, more keeps popping up. Can fabric reproduce?)  Francesca models the aprons beautifully don’t you think? Tutorial coming soon!


3 Comments to “Project Housewarming Gifts”

  1. Thank you Katie! It looks almost like a tennis skirt. And when the topic of gracious living arises, who else would I quote but my Aunt Debbie?!

  2. Hey, your stripe-y one turned out right cute!

  3. Love the blog, love the quilt, love the aprons, love the recipes. Love, love, love the blog on Taylor Orchards, but most of all, love the fact that you quoted your Aunt Debbie. Keep up the good work! Aunt Debbie :-)

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