First Meal

I have been living at 210 for almost two months now, and it’s finally starting to feel like home. (probably because it’s a little messy.  I kept it pristine for three weeks, and it felt like a hotel room.  Now I have tests and the cleanliness of my bedroom takes a backseat.)  It was crazy the first couple of days living in a completely new place and unpacking everything, trying to make this new apartment feel like home.

This is not my pot, but I'm lazy and my camera's not near me. It is exactly what my pot looks like though.

What makes any place feel like home? Cooking of course!  I made pasta like my mommy makes.  It made it feel homey and made the house smell good. I also used by bright yellow Le Creuset pot, with makes me feel happy and tad bit French.  I would give you the recipe, but it’s just pasta sauce from a jar with some ground turkey added to it. I also had some yogurt with peaches and Kashi cereal sprinkled on top.  All in all, sitting at the coffee table, starting at the place where the tv should have been with my five roommates proved to be a great way to christen the new apartment.

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