Hello blogland! I have been remiss, I know.  I had posts stacked up waiting for all of you.  Then for a while I had a D in Macroeconomics, so everything else kinda slipped away…  Regardless, I’m back for a new semester in a new place to boot!

This picture is deceptive. It was taken on Day 3 of the snowpocalypse. Earlier the streets were sheets of ice.

Since the first levantense from Señor I was enthralled; not only by the dashing teacher that stood before me, but by a whole new language.  A new world that was mysterious, fast-pasted, and (if I may) sexy.  It was then I decided I would speak another language, fluently. I want to be travel journalist (and a little bit I want to work for a fashion magazine or really any magazine that will hire me!) What better way to get an edge on my competition than to say, “Yes I can coordinate with the fashion houses in France because I speak fluent French” or “Don’t worry, I can cover South America without a translator”  The best way to travel is to seek out the locals and act like them.  It’s a lot easier to do when you can speak to them instead of stalking them! So I decided to major in Romance Languages and Journalism. I chose French and Spanish. The French part isn’t working out so well as of yet, but I have faith! The thing is I really want it. I really, really want to be fluent, and from what I’ve found, that will take me farther than proficiency. I can alphabetized really well, but does that mean I want to be a secretary for the rest of my life. No. I have this desire and if I keep plugging away, it’s bound to happen some day. For me, fluency takes immersion.  What better place than Spain and what better time than now?  I will be living in Valencia, Spain for the next four months, and when I come back I will be fluent.  For the next four months, this will be a travel blog. I can’t promise daily updates, but there should be more posts compared to the last semester. You can come along with me as I trek through Spain and the rest of Europe. Well, you can come along with me as soon as I actually go…

Our plane was supposed to take off January 10 at 6:55pm but because of this whole weather system (49 out of 50 states has snow. I’m lookin’ at you Florida!)  We moved our flight to today, January 12.  Just for the record I hate snow, I’m a summer girl through and through. The sun thrills my soul. The rays make my heart pitter patter. Warm weather makes me happy. The snow does not, and now I have another complaint: It’s keeping me from the 60 degree weather that awaits me in Valencia. That and actual Valencia. So I’m off, and you’ll see me in another continent soon!


3 Comments to “Excitement”

  1. Hey Katie! Great reading your blog. I think we have much the same background in inspiration and passion for the language. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the airport today and getting this show on the road!

  2. Katie! I’m beyond excited to hear all about your fabulous Spain adventure! We all miss you hear in 210, but are soo excited for you! I hope your trip goes smoothly and you all get there safe! Have fun (not that i need to tell you) haha. love you miss you!

  3. Katie good luck! We will miss you. The weather in GA just stinks..What a wonderful opportunity take full advantage of it….send us pics.

    Aunt Dede

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