Fashion Week only ran until Friday, so I spent the weekend exploring Valencia. Saturday I searched for a mailbox to send the postcards I had been trying to send for two weeks.  I found the lovely yellow box in front of the Mercado Central which was perfect because I wanted to visit again.

I just love markets: the food, the vendors, the customers. It all converges together in a loud, bustling cluster of excitement.

The day was so beautiful that Mckenzie and I kept walking around and ended up in Plaza Ayuntamiento.  The buildings are so ornate and when the sun hits the white surface los edificios kind of give off this glow.

I love the sun, the way it beats on my skin and the way it warms the air around me, so being in the sun in a beautiful plaza on a beautiful day was quite lovely.

Sunday we trekked to the beach again. This time the sand was warm under my toes (the water was still frigid though).  I painted my nails and took a mini-siesta on the sand.  The weekend was so relaxing and wonderful.

It was necessary because the next weekend we went to Barcelona. More on that later…


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