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August 5, 2010

Heart Aprons – Project HG continues

I sincerely apologize for my extended absence.  Getting ready to move into a new apartment at school has consumed much of my time.  No crafting or cooking, ergo no posting.  But be prepared for some amazing posts coming soon. I am making myself a tier (well sort of) birthday cake, and will take oodles of pictures. The most exciting part is that for my birthday this Saturday, I will going to the 675 mile yard sale. Not the whole thing mind you, but a full days worth. I am so beyond excited!  Anyway, on to today…

In my original plan for making this insane number of aprons, I designed eight different aprons with inspiration from different blogs, pictures or vintage aprons, and I relied heavily on the apron collection at Anthropologie. Everything that company makes is gorgeous! How could I not use it for inspiration (By the way, their new fall catalogue came to me yesterday and there are some incredible coats in there!) Any my second design I cam across this blog that had the cutest heart-shaped aprons.  The tutorial is great. I don’t think I followed it to a T, but I loved the way mine turned out.

10 down, 20 to go!  I think my short-term goal (deadline: August 10) is to finish 15, and then I can finish the other 15 when I get set up in the new apartment or when I get an invitation to the imaginary housewarming parties.