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September 10, 2010

675 Yard Sale!

So doing this whole school thing and having an internship at an awesome local fashion and culture magazine takes up more time than I thought.  I have not disappeared. I just took a little bit of a break.  Now I can tell you all about the splendid fun that is the 675 yard sale!

We woke up early, and I applied copious amounts of sunscreen (or so I thought.  My burn lines told a different story).  Then we were off to Noccalula Falls, Alabama for the beginning of the yard sale.  This was particularly exciting because A) it was my birthday and everyone knows that on one’s birthday only good, exciting, wonderful things happen B) This was my first time I got to go with my mommy.  My aunt, my grandfather, and my mom always went the first week of school every year and I marveled at all of the amazing trinkets, china, paintings, and furniture they brought back.  We always unpacked all the treasures and listened to their stories. AND C) I am obsessed with yard sales.  I love looking through piles of crazy stuff to find the one set of earing that will blow the socks of anyone else’s or the perfect painting by an unknown artist for the wall above my dresser.  I enjoy looking at old things and the hunt.  Some people hunt animals; I hunt for bargains.

There were plenty of old things to see!  FABULOUS vintage jewelry, old chairs, cookbooks from 1956, the first models of portable radios, old cars, the required table of salt shakers, cast iron pans, old comics, vintage fashion magazines, a tub of lard (we are in the South after all), comic books, lots of stop lights, a go-go dancer drink shaker, imitation Snuggies, and even and old stage-coach.

The best part is each of these items hand an owner before, and they loved it or hated it or forgot about it. But this item lived life with them.  It saw the daily life of someone far away.  It brought them joy .  It brought them hope.  At least that’s what I’d like to think.  I’d like to think that the old Pryex bowls made cakes that showed the love of a grandmother to her grandchildren or the old studebaker showed a teenager freedom and the feeling of being invincible in the night air.  They may be plastic, wood, metal, or resin, but they hold the lives of people who go before us, and we pour our lives into them as well whether we realize it or not.  They continue to live on after we stop.

That’s what’s so magical about a yard sale and why you see people out at 7 AM to sift through piles of discarded junk.  It’s exciting to create new memories in a dress or serve new conversation over a platter.  Maybe I give too much weight to non-living things, but they connect us to living people with hopes and dreams and love.  I want to find out the stories behind the things people love because that shows their lives more than anything they could say.

I highly recommend going out to the next yard sale.  Not only will there be fun bargains and crazy/funny things to take pictures of, there will be carnival food.  What is better than a hotdog, kettlecorn, fresh squeezed lemonade, and homemade ice cream? The answer is nothing.  It’s always the first weekend in August.  Check it out here for more info!

June 29, 2010

Oh Julia!

I love Julie and Julia!  I want to cook through a cookbook too! I want to blog about it and get a book deal and a movie!  I feel a little phony with my love because I should have loved the incredible Julia Child way before I saw the movie last year, but I can’t know about everything before it becomes popular.  Before I knew of Mrs. Child’s greatness, I let Mastering the Art of French Cooking escape me at a yard sale for $1 and have been kicking myself ever since. But more than anything I want to have Julia Child’s cooking skills and amazing kitchen.  While in DC this summer, I saw first hand how lovely it is.

I love the colors and all of the pots and pans.  I have a bit of an obession with buying plates, bowls, and glasses (anything one would use in the kitchen really).  I went with my friend Kayla in search of decor for her room in our apartment next semester.  We ended up at Apple Barrel Antiques in Bremen.  In one of the booths, we found a great set of Pyrex mixing bowls.  Kayla loves them obviously.

There was also the best collection of old kitchen accoutrements.

I love the teal colors!

I really want enamel pots.  I feel that every time I see old photos of people cooking, enamel cookware is always present.

Once I have the money and space, I can buy as much crockery as my heart desires.  Until then I can dream about a beautiful kitchen filled with antique enamel pots, Pyrex casserole dishes, and Fire King mixing bowls in the most beautiful shades of teal and lime.