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July 16, 2010

Instant Gratification

After spending all day Wednesday at my sewing machine, I needed a bit of a break. Luckily the free on demand movies have exponentially improved in quality and the first season of Dark Blue was available.  So of course I did not move from the couch all day yesterday.  I can’t just sit and watch tv.  It must be my need to constantly multitask.  So for this reason, whenever I watch tv, I also knit.  It makes me feel loads better about spending an entire day watching a season of a tv show if I have really cute booties to show for it!

I must say that it didn’t take me all day to finish them.  I knitted both of them and then had to frog it all because they looked like they could fit a five-year old not a three-month old baby.  Also, trying to embroider the bunny face at 2 AM caused the task to become much more difficult and take far more time than necessary.

Although, when I make baby booties, all of that doesn’t really matter.  Generally, they knit up SUPER fast, and they are destined to clothe little bitty feet with the softest skin and tiniest toe nails.  Basically it’s all around cuteness, and that’s why I love them! I hope all of the new baby girls that are popping up everywhere will enjoy them (or at least their mothers will ooh and ahh over them)

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