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February 14, 2011

Flamenco and Fashion Week

So, 10 days later she posts.  I know, but fear not, there will be a more regular schedule on the way. There will be updates on the reg!

Well believe it or not, I do actually have to do this thing called school work here in Spain. The second week, my partner (Mckenzie) and I had to present on Garcilaso de la Vega. We attempted and failed to start working on the presentation for an entire week.  The attempt at the coffee shop was fail number 4. Once I finally started to break down the poetry though, it was incredibly beautiful. I highly recommended looking at his sonetos (there are plenty of translations in English if Spanish isn’t your thing).

Then one Friday night (I can’t really remember which because everything’s starting to run together) a group of us (Bebe, Tiffany, Quintessa, Sofia, Taylor, y yo) went to take in some Flamenco. We were under the impression that there would be dancing, but we were most definitely wrong. Only music, but the music was wonderful. I love Spanish guitar, and the pain in the singer’s voice is tragic in a beautiful way. Also, the food was SO WONDERFUL. It was a nice change from the food in the dinning hall.

Well the next weekend was Fashion Week. I had to miss the Granada Roadtrip, but it was completely worth it! I loved every second of everything I saw. Everyone dressed in such distinct style. Everything was so chic. I really felt inspired by not only the shows but the people attending the shows. I also loved that the shows were open to the public not just press (which I happened to be!). It makes fashion more accessible to everyone, which is how it should be. Fashion is the art in which we clothe our lives and everyone should have the opportunity to experience that on some level.

You could call the picture artistic or you could call it poorly focused!


Also the venue was beautiful. All the shows took place at Agora in la Ciudad de Artes and Ciencias. I just can’t believe I covered a Fashion Week! I’m 19! Sometimes I can’t believe that things like that and living in Spain are apart of my real life and not some great dream.