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July 22, 2010


As promised here is the tutorial on the lattice bodice aprons (A little late I know…).

Steps 1: Cut out 28 1 in. by 14 in strips

Step 2: Arrange them vertically and horizontally as you see fit, and then weave them and pin the ends

Step 3: Cut a 30 degree angle on the top corners so the apron lies flat

Step 4: Sew up all of the sides and cut a lining to fit

Step 5: Sew the lining to the bodice leaving a half inch at the top

Step 6: Turn inside out, fold over the raw edge at the top, and press

Step 7: Cut four strips that are 2 1/2 inches wide by whatever length you need to tie around your neck and waist.  I normally cut shorter strips for the neck than the waist.  Fold them in half WS together, but a 45 degree on one end, and sew them together. Turn them inside out and press.

Step 8: Slip the shorter band for the neck ties into the top of the bodice and top stitch along the open egde to secure them. Your bodice is now finished!

On to the skirt…

Step 9: Cut a band for the waist band that is 4 inches wide by whatever length you need to fit a couple of inches less than halfway around your waist.  I normally cut it about 14 inches.  Fold it in half and fold over any raw edges and press.

Step 10: Cut a skirt.  I normally cut a rectangle that is 18 inches by 30 inches.  I either gather or pleat the skirt (depending on my mood) to fit the waistband.  Slip the skirt in the waistband along with the straps to tie around the waist, and topstich to secure them.

I forgot to take pictures of me making the skirt, so this will have to suffice for how I put the skirt together.

Step 11:  Center the bodice on the skirt’s waistband and topstitch along the top of the waistband. Now go cook something!

If you do decide to make it, I would love to see pictures of your creations! If  you have any questions, comment or email me!

July 20, 2010

Lattice Bodice Aprons

I finally finished the lattice aprons! (That’s what I’m calling them anyway :)).  Some have pleated bottoms, some have gathered bottoms, and one has a ruffle at the end because I got a little bored. I now have seven of my 30 aprons finished.  Yahoo! I look forward to trying another pattern tomorrow.  There is no rest for those who have committed themselves to making lots of aprons.

As promised I will post a tutorial, but that will happen tomorrow because I’m feeling a bit of tired of looking at and producing the same apron pattern day after day.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I finally finished when good light was still shining, so you get the view from my balcony.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much yellow I used in the aprons until just now. It’s a happy color though!

July 14, 2010

Project Housewarming Gifts

In May when I thought I would finish my quilt before June started, I decided I would make aprons as housewarming gifts for the people I know who are moving off campus.  Well I have more friends than I thought I did.  After I finally made the list (at the beginning of July), I had 30 aprons to make. 30! What was I thinking?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I was thinking, “Isn’t it a shame that people don’t really bring hostess gifts anymore or have housewarming parties?”  I then decided that I will bring back all of those lovely traditions that make my life feel a little more Martha Stewarty.  Gracious living as my aunt calls it.  So why not make 30 aprons? I can make one a day and finish in time, right? Wrong. I sure hope these imaginary housewarming parties that my friends should throw will not be happening the first two weeks I get back.  It is now July 14, and I have only made three aprons.  I might be burning the midnight oil a bit in the coming weeks!

I will keep everyone updated on the progress made on this crazy project, and I’ll post tutorials or links to ones that I used if you too decide to make a myriad of aprons!  To begin this journey, I started making lattice aprons from strips of fabric I found in the bottom of my scrap pile.  (Every time I think I shrink it, more keeps popping up. Can fabric reproduce?)  Francesca models the aprons beautifully don’t you think? Tutorial coming soon!

July 5, 2010

First and Last

I thought last Christmas break I would make a quilt.  I love them especially when they’re handmade.  They remind me of grandparents and sleepovers.  When I wrap up in a quilt I feel not only warm, but I get a fuzzy full of memories kind of feeling.  I also have a dresser overflowing with fabric and mostly scraps at that.  Put the two together and the idea of a scrap quilt comes to life.  In my naive mind I thought I could whip it together before Christmas break wrapped up.  Au contraire mon ami!  So I lovingly wrapped up my scraps in the quilt I used as a template.

Then I went back to school, and the potential quilt sat in a chair unharmed. Or so I thought.  My sister’s friend accidentally flung all of the scraps on the floor when she wanted to sit in the chair.  I learned this when I came back for summer break and saw the scraps stacked on top of the smushed up quilt.  So I had to reposition based on the photos I took.  Well,  it didn’t quite end up like that, but it morphed into a better pattern (if you could call what I did a pattern).  I have been using  this wonderful tutorial on Flickr for binding my quilt with mitered corners.

Throughout the project my relationship with the quilt has transformed from and excited new friendship, to a hatred of its unwieldiness while it scoots across my sewing machine.  Ever having to bind something this big again could quite possibly result in my loss of sanity.  The bugger likes to run away from my 1/4 inch seam fairly regularly!

And tada! My finished quilt.

Oh and there is a pocket (one of three) in the perfect position to hold a remote, cell phone, granola bar, ect.

While I believe that our relationship progressed back to friendship and could eventually grow to love (it all hinges on how well it will withstand the wash and dry cycle), I don’t think I’ll be quilting anytime soon.  Then again my sister asked for one for Christmas in a black and white pattern, so … I could be wrong.  It is pretty cute if I do say so myself

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