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January 20, 2011


On our third day in Spain, we went to Toledo, a small city about an hour away. When we drove in, a blanket of fog covered the city in an almost spooky way. We arrived kind of early, so we got to see the city wake up. Most of the day we wandered. A big group went to the cathedral, but I decided not to. Wandering a city is really the best way to explore. On every corner, there are shops to buy knives and a particular type of jewelry. After shopping for a while we stopped to have lunch. It was my first true Spanish lunch where I could sit and enjoy the meal and the people I ate with.  That’s one of the great things about Spanish life: There is no rush to do anything.  People really enjoy life at every step.

The streets in Toledo are very narrow and made of cobble stone. I could never drive a car in them, but they manage to do it very well.  There is the always present hazard that one  must hold on to the walls of building to avoid being run over (As shown by Agata)

Toledo has so many winding streets and tall buildings that it’s very easy to get very disoriented. Well, on our way back to the bus, we got really lost! Luckily we ran into Dr. Baker and were able to follow him to the bus. On the way out, we stopped to take pictures of the whole city, and the view was breath-taking. I don’t think I’ve taken a better picture in my life than the one of the panoramic view of the city. Then we were on our way back to Madrid for the last night.

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